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The primary source (archival document) transcribed: DUL, MSS 1, Article 106.

The secondary source containing the transcription: Glynne Wickham, William Ingram and Herbert Berry, English Professional Theatre (Cambridge, 2000), p 603.


Event 1232 Taylor, Cast over the Water.pdf
William Fennor stands up John Taylor for an extempore versifying contest at the Hope, and Taylor lashes back in a 'A Cast over the Water.' In his rant, Taylor revives the spector of Fennor's 'England's Joy,' a notorious flop staged at the Swan in…

Event 4001- Fennor's Defence.pdf
William Fennor was challenged by the water poet John Taylor to a contest of extempore versifying at the Hope. The contest did not occur. In his published 'Defence,' Fennor mentions a similar challenge issued to a poet named Kendall -- this time at…

Parts of the audience scaffolding at Paris Garden collapsed during a Sunday bearbaiting on 13 January 1583. Five days later John Field wrote a pamphlet, soon printed, that interpreted the deaths of seven spectators and injuries of many others as a…

The mock almanac 'Vox Graculi' forecasts that 'The Dogge-dayes will all this yeare rage twice a weeke, and that very furiously; but their sorest out-rage will be about the Beare-garden.'

In his satirical 'Strange News,' Thomas Nash refers to 'the interpreter of the Puppits' at Paris Garden. It is unclear whether 'puppets' here refers to actual puppets, actors, or to the animals generally on exhibit at the popular bear-baiting venue.

Horace, a character in Dekker's 'Satiromastix,' claims to have played 'Zulziman' at Paris Garden. The playhouse in question here is almost certainly the Swan, and not the Bear Garden.

The character Letoy in Richard Brome's 'The Antipodes' advises his actors to avoid performing 'Like one o'th' dancing Masters o'the Beare-garden.'

In Richard Brome's 'The Antipodes' an Old Woman and a Young Maid debate the appeal of bear-baiting after the nearly illiterate or blind Old Woman reads an advertisement of an upcoming match. The Young Maid calls baitings 'prophane and Diabolicall…
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