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John Chamberlain writes to Sir Dudley Carleton of the Spanish ambassador's delight in bear-baiting. The ambassador, he notes, has recently visited Paris Garden [the Hope], where he saw a bull, bear, horse, and monkeys baited, as well as a white bear…

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In a series of articles of agreement, builder Gilbert Katharens hires John Browne, a bricklayer, to perform masonry work for 'one Game place or plaie house, a bull howse and a stable' on the location of the old Beargarden. The structure is cited to…

Meredith Morgan writes to Philip Henslowe, 'or in his absence to Jacob [Meade] at the beare garden', asking him to receive a wolf on behalf of his employer.

In his Survey of London, Stow notes the frequency of bear and bull baiting performances 'on the Banks side, wherein be prepared scaffolds for beholders to stand upon.'

Sackerson in Shakespeare's 'Merry Wives of Windsor' boasts he has seen Sackerson the Bear 'loose, twenty times,' and 'taken him by the Chaine.' Women, however, he observes, 'cannot abide' such 'ill-favour'd rough things.'

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Wencelaus Hollar's 1647 'Long View of London offers images of the second Globe and the Bear Garden, but with the names of the theatres interchanged.

The view of London featured on the title-page of Henry Holland's 'Herwologia Anglica' represents two theatres, both distinctly circular, on what are known to have been the sites of the Globe and Bear Garden.

The inset view of London printed in John Speed's 'Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain' represents two theatres: the first Globe, shown here as circular, and a second theatre, also roughly circular, which is most likely the Bear Garden.

The panoramic view of London in Norden's 1600 map depicts all four Bankside theatres as polygonal. As the evidence suggests that at least one of these theatres was round -- and the inset map depicts all four as such -- Shapiro contends that we must…

On 1 August, 1582, Joan Payne leases the Barge, Bell and Cock to John White and John Malthowse. The lease refers to an earlier lease, dated 6 March 1540, by Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester, to William Payne, which, describes the physical…
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