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Welcome! This page helps you navigate How to Track A Bear in Southwark.


  1. Building Blocks & Storytelling

What kinds of records does How to Track A Bear in Southwark contain?  How are these records related to one another?  How can users best navigate and understand them, and add their own materials in turn?

This screencast describes how users can best browse, search, and understand the rich documentary evidence in How to Track A Bear in Southwark, and how users can create their own paths and tell their own stories through this digital collection.

How to Track A Bear in Southwark:  An Omeka Tutorial

video; slides; crosswalk; sample data .csv


2.  Contributor & User Community

How can editors of How to Track A Bear in Southwark add new users and contributors to the site, and manage the community of users?  Omeka's documentation describes how editors of the site can add new users and assign appropriate user roles.

Omeka:  Managing Users


3.  Broader Context

What is the broader context of How to Track A Bear and its collection of records? What kind of data do they contain? This slideshow is an introduction to the Early Modern London Theatres database, the source of the records exhibited by the 'How to Track a Bear' site.

Introduction to EMLoT